Frequency is the number of times a user sees your message, pop-up or banner over a given time period. Frequency capping will help you to avoid spamming users too much with the same content.

For Blinking Tabs, Bars, and Pop-ups:

  • Frequency capping: Total of time a visitor sees this content. Set to 0 (zero) equals unlimited
  • Delay between two appearances: The delay of the next pop-up after the 1st one disappeared. Set to 0 (zero) equals no delay

Recommendation for Pop-ups appearance:

  1. If you would like your pop-up to be seen one time only, set the frequency capping to '1 time per a visitor'. To preview the one-time pop-up, please open your website via an incognito window.
  2. If you would like your pop-up to show up multiple times without disturbing your customers, go ahead and set up a delay period between each pop-up appearance to at least 45-60 seconds.

For Sales Pop:

  • Initial delay: The delay of the 1st appearance. Set to 0 (zero) equals no delay
  • Display time: The delay before the content timeout. Set to 0 (zero) equals timeout immediately after 2 seconds of animation time
  • Frequency capping: same as above
  • Delay between two appearances: same as above

Important: Frequency settings will only take effect after a visitor takes action with the content (close banner/ reactive tab/ click pop-up...)

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