In this article we will cover which browsers work best with ManySales, and which are not fully supported. 

What browsers does ManySales support? 

Our officially supported browsers are the updated versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (we don't support mobile browser yet).

As of January 12, 2016, Microsoft is no longer providing security updates for earlier versions of Internet Explorer, because of this we can not guarantee how ManySales will function in this particular browser.

If you are using ManySales on an older or unsupported browser, some features might not behave as expected. 

(We cannot guarantee how ManySales runs on an outdated or unsupported browser.)

Does ManySales use and capture cookies in my web browser?

ManySales utilizes Cookies (a small text file added to a users browser to keep track of users within a given website) to recognize website visitors and to track whether or not someone has seen your campaign. If they have seen your campaign, we default to not displaying it to them again. We also use these cookies to target your campaigns and need to store the data in order to have these function accordingly. Please ensure that these are allowed for your web browser.
NOTE: In Safari and Firefox (version 67 onwards), the third-party cookies are disabled by default. You need to manually enable them to use some cookie-based triggers.

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