ManySales Sales Pop supports something we call variants. This lets you adjust the look and feel of specific notification variables (first_name, location, etc).

Variants are included in your templates (Purchase orders & Site visit) by simply adding a "|" (pipe), then a space, then the filter name.

You can combine multiple filters by adding a pipe between each filter, here are some examples of this:

<first_name>  just bought <product> <time_ago>

Based on which pop type you choose, a set of variants will be enable for that specific contents.

Here are a few of our currently supported variants
Purchase order (Pop type):
All orders that are fulfilled will be notify by sales pop
First name:
Customer first name
Last name:
Customer last name
Purchased product
Time ago:
Purchase time from today

Site Visit (Pop type): All visitors that enter your site will be notify by sales pop
Visitor location based on their GeoIP
Time ago:
Visit time from today

Note: All variants support fallback feature, that let you define which content sales pop should show if we can't find any data related to the chosen variant.

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