This rule helps you choose to whom your campaign should be shown, and on which page it should be displayed.

There are five types of 'Show to whom' rule:

1. Returning / New visitors

Some messages should appear to new visitors in order to acquire more leads on your site, while some others should be shown only to those who return to make another purchase.

*Note: If you don't setup this attribute, your message will display to All visitors as default. To make it look not so machinery, you can use Frequency capping to control the appearance of the popup per visitor.

2. Country

Target the audience by countries. There are 2 options of grouping your visitors with this attribute: Are from & Are not from.

3. Previous URL

Show the campaign only to customers who have already visited some specific pages. E.g. if you want to target the list of people who left your Product A page, setup this attribute and key in the exact URL (or URL contains product handle). After those visitors left the Product A page and go to another page on your website, they will see the campaign on that page.

4. Current URL

Show the campaign to customers who are active on the current page.

E.g. if you set the Current URL to Home Page, visitors who enter your home page will see the message.

5. Cart Rules

Show the message to customers who have Total Items, Total Values, Product Name that meet your setting requirement. Apply this rule to segment your visitors and shoppers by their cart value.

Case 1: Set up Total Items / Total Values

For example, if you want to feature a discount pop-up for any customers who add in their carts 3 items and above, or whose cart values more than $300. You can set up cart rule as follow: "Total Items greater than or equal 3" OR "Total Value greater than 300"

On the other hand, if you'd like to up-sell and increase the order value per customer, try choosing Cart Values less than a total value (E.g. Total Value less than 300) then provide a message such as: "Enjoy a FREESHIP if you buy from $300" to push shoppers to buy more.


- The currency of Cart Values will be based on your Shopify store set-up.

Case 2: Set up Product Name

In another case, if you want the special deal pop-up will appear to people who have some specific products in their cart. We suggest you should set up the cart rule as follows: "Product Name contains DRESS A" OR "Product Name contains T-SHIRT B"

*Note: You can choose many products at the same time.

You might also want to combine these rules with When to show for better targeting.

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