This rule helps you choose to whom your task should be shown and on which page it should be displayed.

There are four types of attribute:

  • Returning / New visitors: Some messages should be shown to new visitors in order to acquire more leads on your site, some others should be shown only to those who return to make another purchase. *Note: If you don't setup this field, your message will display to All visitors as default. To make it look not so machinery, you can use Frequency capping to control the appearance of the popup per visitor.
  • Country: Select the countries from which you want to target the audience.
  • Visited URL: Show the task only to customers who have already visited some specific pages.
  • Current URL: Show the task to customers who are currently interacting on your page.

Check this article for a particular use case of this rule. You might also want to combine these rules with When to show for better targeting.

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