You can segment your audience based on: the tags they have, the segments they are in, the events they have completed, their standard attributes, and their custom attributes. This article covers how to use filters to optimize your customer list management in ManySales.

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Predefined segments

ManySales comes with two predefined segments, and you’ll see these at the left side of your audience list.

  • New: Anyone who is added, or synced to your list less than a day (24 hours) ago.

  • Inactive: Anyone who hasn't been placing any order for 30 days. You can use this segment to re-engage and notify your customers of new arrivals and offer them special coupons to boost sales.

Create new segment

Use filters to identify groups of interest

To create a custom segment, you will need to select the filters above your audience list. For example, if you want to create a group of people who have spent over $500 to setup a loyalty campaign for them, just select the 'Total spent' and set the number to 'more than 500'

Then click 'Save filter' and give your segment a name. Your new group of customers will be displayed on the left side of your audience list.

Send targeted automated messages

From here you can also message these customers by clicking on the message drop-down on the top of the audience list, and select to send either Email or SMS one-off campaigns.

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Useful segments to create

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Email list: You know that you definitely need email marketing to build relationships with customers. To make sure all people in your email list are active to receive the targeted emails, your filters for this segment should be: 'Email has any value' and 'Email status is subscribed'.

  • SMS list: Text message marketing will surely show it full power if you target the right specific audience with relevant offer. Try applying it for a regional segment with filters such as: 'Phone status is subscribed AND Country is United States', and add a specific city for more precise targeting.

  • Loyal customers: You might want to create a list of loyal customers for a special marketing campaign, or to reward them with a thank you gift. Your filters here might be: 'Total spent more than 500'.

  • No action taken: You could create a segment to target customers who have yet to purchase anything on your website. Give them a little nudge and remind them of the unique discounts (if available), add a note to tell them why they should buy from you. Your filters here might be: 'Order count less than 1'.

Create custom segments with AND / OR filters

To create more sophisticated segments you can combine AND / OR filters. This makes segments more powerful and flexible.

For example, if you’re holding events such as launching a new store, you could filter for all customers who have placed an order in a specific area which your store located in.

Note: Highly complex segment queries may take longer to run and in some cases, don't be too complex.

Edit and delete a segment

To edit a segment you have created, click open it from the left side menu. You can directly edit the filters which appear on top of the list, or click on 'Edit group' to fully edit, rename or delete the segment.

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