You can filter your customers, tasks, or message campaigns in ManySales based on: the tags they have, the segments they are in, the events they have completed, their standard attributes, and their custom attributes. This article covers how to use filters with your standard and custom attributes.

There are four types of attributes. Each has different filters:

  • Text: ‘Does not contain’, ‘Contains’, ‘Is’, ‘Is not’, ‘Is unknown’, ‘Has any value’.
  • Number/Decimal Number: ‘Greater than’, ‘Less than’, ‘Is’, ‘Is not’, ‘Is unknown’, ‘Has any value’.
  • True or False: ‘True’, ‘False’, ‘Is Unknown’, ‘Has any value’.
  • Date: ‘More than’, ‘Less than’, ‘Exactly’, ‘After’, ‘On’, ‘Before’, ‘Is unknown’, ‘Has any value’.

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