Before you start a pop-up campaign, just think about what you will do on your website as a visitor, and which page or section can attract the most attention when you place a pop-up on it.

The 'When to show' rule helps you show the message at the right time to avoid causing any unnecessary disturbance to your visitors.

Here are the rules to control when & where your campaign should show up:

  • Exit-intent: When your customer has the intention of exiting your page like hover out to browser’s taskbar. Use this trigger to keep the visitor stay longer on your website.

  • Click on an exact area: When your customer clicks on a specific section, it means something on your website catches their eyes and makes them interested, make use of this chance and show your campaign to acquire the customer.

  • Scroll down your page for X percentage: When the visitor has already scrolled down on your website at a percentage. Use this trigger when you want your visitor to read specific information first before seeing the campaign.

  • Stay on your page for X seconds: When the customer stays on your website for an exact period of time (as set up). Use this trigger to introduce your hottest products, new arrival, or even offer a voucher to push your visitors faster into their purchase decision.

  • After interacting with ManySales' tools: This will help to show pop-up based on visitors' interaction with a Pop-up, a Sales Pop, or a Review Box that created in ManySales app. For example, when customers completed writing a review in Review Box, you can use this trigger to pop-up a thank you coupon for their next purchase.

To learn how to set-up triggers step-by-step, please check this article.

You might also want to combine these with Show to whom for better targeting.

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