When you want to create a new pop-up campaign, you can select a ready-made template to create your pop-up campaign. There are 3 types of templates:

1. Pop-up

If you have a pop-up that is exclusively designed with eye-catching text and colors, it definitely will draw more attention. And a pop-up that is positioned at the right place based on customer behavior on your website will help you acquire more leads and hopefully convert clicks into the purchase.

For those merchants who have a limitation on designed popups, or in case just don't want to mess with design tools, you can just simply use the ManySales templates to implement immediately on your website.

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2. Bar

A Bar is a floating banner that sits at the top, or bottom of your website, That is is a constant reminder for your visitors about free shipping, special deals, or new arrival announcement. It’s a growing trend in the e-commerce industry, merchants consider it as a great way to motivate customers to go through with checkout.

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3. Banner

The banner will appear on the side of the page, it depends on you which position is the best for you. It stays on one of the sides of the page, so it will not block the browsing experience.

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